There are twelve mouth in a year. They are January,February,March,April,May,July,August,September,October,November and December.

My birthday is on the fourteenth of August,and it’s in front of the Mid-Autumn Festival.I would like a watch as a birthday present.

New Year’s Day is on the first of Janrary.People usually have a party.

Easter is in March or April.People usually eat chocolate eggs.

Halloween is in October.People usually make a pumpkin lantern and dress up in costumes.

May Day is on the first of Jund.Children usually sing and dance at school.

National Day is on the first of October. People usually have a long holiday.

Mid-Autumn Festival is in Septenber or October.People usually watch the moon and eat moon cakes.

Dragon Boat Festival is in May or June.People usually eat rice dumplings and watch the dragon boat race.

Spring Festival is in January or February.It’s a popular holiday in China.People usually visit the relatives and friends and eat a lot of delicious food.

I like Spring Festival very much!Because I can have a big lunch with my family.


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